15 Favorite Things That I Love About Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — You know, Freeport gets a bad wrap sometimes. Well, at least it “used to” get a bad wrap.

Over the past year we have shown you upwards of 20,000 aspects of this great region of ours.

From the places to visit here to the places to shop here, even to a view inside the parks here. We’ve shown the people, places and things of Freeport and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Like some of you, I was born in Freeport. I walked these streets as a kid here.

I learned how to ride a bike, play baseball, golf, I met my first girlfriend in Freeport and I snuck Dad’s car out for the first time in this city. (Sorry Dad)

My stories here have no end and over the years, I have grown fond of many of the things Freeport has to offer.

Here, are 15 of my favorite things I love about Freeport.

15. Major cities, such as Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and others are all just a few hours away. This is one of the best regions to live in for “getting away” when you want to. It’s small town living with a really big world shining bright 24 hours a day whenever I want to go experience it and — I don’t have to take a week’s vacation to do it.

14. Everything IN FREEPORT is ten minutes away. Baseball games, shopping, food, I can get to the kids holiday program or soccer game and never miss a beat. I hate traffic.

I would probably turn into a rooftop sniper if I had sit in traffic jams for too long everyday and big city life? Yeah, it’s just not for me.

Great place to visit but the locale of everything I need being minutes away, makes life all that much more enjoyable. While you’re in a traffic jam, I’m playing golf. While you’re still driving home, I’ve already eaten dinner and am out on a nice walk with my family.

13. The parks of Freeport. We have so many of them and they are all so very well maintained. From hiking to sight seeing, to sporting events, swimming, trail walking you name it. Freeport’s parks are the bomb!

With twin caves and mounds, and rock walls to climb and explore it never ends in Freeport. It never gets boring exploring all that the local parks in the area have to offer.

12. The people. I really love the people here. Some people say Freeport has weird people but I disagree. (Unless that means I’m one of them).

Perhaps you may have heard that before, if you’re from the area, but I’ve always found everyone genuinely friendly in town.

Sure, it exists but you don’t have the plastic facade in Freeport as you do in bigger cities. General, average, everyday people like us are all pretty down to earth good folks. A person can make a lot of friends in Freeport.

11. The “Famous” part of Freeport. You know, Rockefeller’s Dad being burred here, the Winneshiek Theater, Union Dairy, Glass houses, the fact that we used make cars here, even a presidential limousine was made here, all of it I find so fascinating.

And those are just a few of the things Freeport has and is known for.

We’ve covered so many “famous” parts of Freeport and people that sometimes, it astounds me. It’s always nice when we air something to see that someone who’s lived here their entire life, never knew. Happens all the time and it’s great to tell the stories of Freeport fame.

10. Golf courses. I grew up by Park Hills golf course and the memories I have there are a huge part of me. There’s something about Park Hills that just makes me happy.

A 36 hole golf course, right here in Freeport.

You can play the east or the west course, the front nine or the back nine and the scenery, is just to die for. So much beautiful land, so well maintained, all right here for the enjoyment of everyone.

And going back to people, when I was about ten years old an older gentleman, who I can’t name, offered to help me learn how to play. He used to go out on the course with me and teach me tricks, and methods of how to play. All just because he loved the game and he never asked for anything in return.

9. It’s small town feel. While everything I need is here, Freeport still has a small town feel. As the hub of an entire county, Freeport still has a small town feel. I don’t feel overwhelmed by people here, outnumbered. It’s not congested or busy and I don’t have to wait in long lines in Freeport.

8. Small town people. I love small town people. Small town people are friendlier, they smile at you more often and they engage you. When I’m out and about in Freeport I feel like a part of the place. People say hi, they wave to me, they hold doors for me when I go places and I just love that.

Small town people also have a small town look at life. They don’t get too excited, they don’t usually overreact and they don’t typically fall for your bologna. You get what you get with small town folks and I think that’s a great part of Freeport.

7.  It may not seem like it on the outside, but Freeport people watch out for each other. We’re looking around our neighborhoods and we keep an eye out.

There are some places that could still use a little help in the area but for the most part of Freeport, we’re looking out for each other.

That’s always evident if something happens or someone is in need. Freeport people can really rally behind giving someone a hand.

6. Farm fresh home grown food is just a phone call away. From beef to deer to every vegetable you can think of, there are hundreds of non-processed food places in Freeport and the surrounding area. Even though Freeport is full of fast food joints and restaurants everywhere if a person wants a better choice of food, we have the most delicious available right around the corner.

5. It’s a farm area. I like that our area has so much farming land and area farms here. I love to see them planting in the spring and harvesting in the fall. There also, may not be any better person out there than a farmer. Farmers are about family and humble things. They provide the food for our lands. They’re kind people and very giving and the food on a farm. OMG.

Plus, you don’t see farmers pulling up to town in their new flashy Mercedes or their new Armani suit.  Farmers suits all look like they came from the 70’s and I like it that way. Sure, the Mercedes might be a 400,000 combine instead, but you can bet that shiny piece of equipment is going to get some use and that a hard working man (or woman) will be behind the wheel. You gotta respect that.

4. It’s Country here. I don’t mean country music, (although that’s pretty popular here too) I mean land. You can drive anywhere in the Freeport area and see some of the most breathtaking god made views of your life here.

From back country roads to secret little places right in the city, the land here is just incredible. There isn’t a single day that’s gone by that I haven’t loved the country here. It’s just beautiful, plain and simple.

3. The seasons. I love having four seasons. In my lifetime the seasons have changed a little, but I love spring, summer, fall and winter. The mixture of the how the earth changes as the people and area changes with one another, is always a sight to see for me.

In spring it’s like a new awakening. It’s an exciting time of opportunity and possibility while summer, is for fun and good times.

Fall represents beauty, harvest time. The way the land changes in the fall is breathtaking. It’s also the time to be thankful for all you have and with winter, winter reminds me that the earth is in control.

In it’s own beauty it’s earth’s “tough love” that tells me I had better be prepared and on my guard in life.

2. The education choices Freeport has to offer. From public education, to private Freeport is rich in education opportunities for people. When you add in the college, the ability for people to learn and get a very good education in the city is profound.

Not only that, but our college is one of the best in the State. It’s nice that Freeport has such a mix of public, private, Christian and higher education opportunities available to people.

1. It’s a place we all call home. Whether you live here now or long ago you moved away, your heart wants the best for Freeport. No matter where you are, from as far as London all the to way in Hawaii, Freeport is your home. That says an awful lot about the city of Freeport, Illinois.

Sure, some people have gotten mad while others have said bad things about Freeport, the anger is only because people want Freeport to do well. Even in it’s most frustrated moments, the feeling for the city is out of a love for it.

Whether you’re from here or just moved here, there’s just something about the city of Freeport that always stays with you. Those are 15 of my reasons that I love Freeport.

What do you love about Freeport? What are your favorite things you enjoy about this city we all enjoy? Chime in and let us know.


2 thoughts on “15 Favorite Things That I Love About Freeport

  • December 6, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Moved here last February. Love it for all the reasons you gave, especially number 4. God has certainly left his mark of beauty to appreciate in the countryside. To travel to other towns within a day and experience what they have and do is such a delight. We treasure the small town businesses, the family businesses. All so welcoming and it was “home” right away! I am delighted as a little child to see all the store fronts that are decorated and lit up. This is like living back in the day of my great grandparents!
    I could go on and on about this town and area. So, so glad to be a part of it!

  • October 24, 2017 at 10:50 am

    I am a Freeport native, as were about 4- 5 generations of the Lee family before me-First Coroner of new town of Freeport was Lorenzo Lee, elected 1837, and Lorenzo H. Lee’s name is on one of front panels of Civil War Monument, at “new” court house in Freeport. My grandfather, Robert T. Lee was a Freeport City fireman from the time they had horse-drawn fire wagons, till his retirement. J.L. Wareham’s photo business is pictured in an early photo of the “grand original court house” on Stephenson St. He was a brother of my gr. grandmother-Elizabeth Wareham Metters . So many happy memories, growing up in Freeport, and although I have lived many miles away, for over 40 years, Freeport -“Pretzel City” is forever my first love & home!

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