8 Car Train Derailment In Lena, Illinois

Lena, Illinois — Sometime around 1:00 a.m. today just west of Lena, Illinois eight cars were involved in a train derailment that has the region in shock as just a day ago news of a shooting death in Stockton, Illinois shook communities.

It is being reported that eight cars from two trains were involved as they were passing one another. According to multiple reports Police said there were cars on one track leaning into a second train of cars on a second track.

According to one very early report there were concerns over a possible ethanol spill.  Those early reports have been unsubstantiated. The exact area is said to have been Townline and Main and a Canadian National train is reported to have been involved.

No injuries are being reported at this time and there are no reports of any substance spilled, such as a chemical.

todd fryer photo of lena illinois train derailment
Photo taken by Todd Fryer this morning at 7:18 a.m. Thursday morning

At 8:11 this morning the city of Lena, Illinois said that a train engine is attached to the west bound train and will be moving a part of that train to the east.

They said this will allow the crossings at Schuyler Street (IL. 73) and Vernon Streets to be reopened.

Federal Investigators were reported to have been in route in the early hours of the morning.

No reports of what made the trains lean to the point of colliding has been reported. One person stated they passed through at 1:15 a.m while going to work and that it looked like it was a long train.

Here’s a related video we found of another train derailment that happened in Lena, Illinois. The below footage is from the 1968 Lena train derailment.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Pf40_HKpG4[/embedyt]



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