Adkins Energy Welcomes Freeport’s First Gas Station To Offer E15 Fuel, Casey’s

Freeport, Illinois — Adkins Energy out of Lena, Illinois says they are excited to welcome Casey’s, the first gas station in Freeport to offer E15 fuel. E15 is 85 percent regular gasoline and 15 percent ethanol, and it gives all of us a cleaner, greener, homegrown and cheaper choice at the pump.

E15 is safe and EPA approved for all vehicles manufactured after 2001, and it’s been available since 2011. In fact, American drivers have driven more than 3 billion miles on E15.

Adkins Energy General Manager, Ray Baker says “When you fill up with E15 fuel at Casey’s, you’re not just saving money, you’re:

  • Making a better choice for the environment. E15 burns cleaner and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43 percent compared to gasoline. Plus, ethanol is made from corn – a renewable resource!
  • Supporting local jobs and our local economy. Last year, Adkins bought and processed 20 million bushels of corn from local producers, and our plant in Lena employs 40 people. When you buy a richer ethanol blend of gasoline, you’re supporting the ethanol industry and Adkins.
  • Choosing great performance. E15 has been fueling NASCAR vehicles since 2011. NASCAR drivers have logged more than 10 million high-performance miles on the same fuel you can get right here in Freeport at Casey’s.”

He adds, “We at Adkins are proud to welcome Casey’s to town, and we hope your readers will make the best choice for their cars, our environment and our local economy – and fill up with clean, green E15”!

Adkins Energy is a dry mill corn-to-ethanol and -biodiesel production facility located in northwest Illinois. They remain one of the few cooperatively owned ethanol plants in the country. The plant is located at 4350 West Galena Road in Lena.

Casey’s new general store is located at 1775 S West Ave in Freeport. They can be reached by telephone at (815) 232-0058.


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