Anonymous E-Mail Exposes Dairy Queen Employee’s Good Deed

Joey Prusak has been working at his job since he was in the 8th grade. Since that time he has been showing up to work at his local Dairy Queen and Joey is someone who takes pride in doing his job. Joey greets customers, takes their orders and has worked himself all the way up to the position of manager of the store.

One day, as Joey was just performing his daily duty a regular customer had come in. A partially blind man who always paid with his debit card. Joey noticed that the man had dropped a 20.00 bill as he was getting his wallet out to pay for his meal. Right as soon as he was about to tell the customer that he dropped something, the woman standing in line behind him picked up the 20.00. Much to Joey’s surprise, the woman took the 20 and put it in her pocket.

The rest of the story, is simply awesome.

“I didn’t expect anything, nor did I want anything,” Prusak said. “It wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done on any other day. I hope everyone else would have done the same thing — which I think 99 out of 100 people would have.”


Image taken from screen shot of YouTube video.

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