Benchwarmers Is Closing Friday Evening for a Party

Update: It seems our little article below, even though it seems everyone read the article, a few people even laughed, it seems it’s caused a little uproar. We wanted to let you know that Benchwarmers is closing.  On Friday night, Sentry Insurance is using Benchwarmers for a holiday party. The article below says that, but from the viewpoint of a HUGE BENCHWARMERS fan who’s distraught because he can’t go to Benchwarmers. It’s meant to be satire, funny, humorous letting you know that on Friday night, Sentry Insurance is using Benchwarmers for a holiday party.


Freeport, Illinois — You heard it. Our favorite spot in Freeport for great food and fun has to close its doors to the public. We’re not sure if we’ll ever recover from this completely.

Eric White, owner of Benchwarmers said earlier today that he thinks everything will all work out just fine.

In a phone conversation he had with our publisher Eric said, “Greg, why are you so worried? We’re only closing on Friday evening December 2nd“.

“Just try and relax”, he went on to say.

Yeah, relax. How can we. Easy for him to say.

See, because everybody loves Benchwarmers, it seems our local businesses like our favorite place too and this Friday evening, Sentry Insurance will be holding their private holiday party at Benchwarmers establishment. (Guess that means it’s their favorite too)

So this Friday evening starting at 5:30, as much as you’re going to want to go; as much as you’ll hate not being able to go, we all have to play nice and “share” our Benchwarmers with others.

You can’t go to Benchwarmers.

Well, unless of course you’re part of the Sentry Insurance clan, then of course you’re welcome with open arms.

Don’t worry though. While your Benchwarmers withdrawals might be hard to cope with at times, they will be open during normal business hours on Saturday and on Friday night you can still order delivery.

So yes, it’s true. Benchwarmers is closing this Friday December 2, starting at 5:30 p.m. and will re-open for normal business hours on Saturday.

We’ll try and keep it together.



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