Bill George Plumbing and Heating Offers These Deep Freeze Water Tips

This deep freeze is not going away soon. Some of you may be in for some issues with frozen water lines. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that most plumbers can do for you that you can’t do for yourselves.

In earlier years, thawing machines were used but they are not safe – as they can spark and smoke and cause house fires. There is a steam option but that is not for inside homes.

Following are some tips.

1 – turn on one or more faucets and allow to run a continuous stream of water as thick as a pencil – day and night until our temps return above freezing. Yes, your water bill may go up but expenses for burst pipes would be much greater.

2 – anywhere you have water lines on an outside wall, make sure that room has heat – open cupboard doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow in the warmth of the room – hair dryers, heating pads, space heaters –

3- if your water meter or any waters lines are in your garage, heat the garage with a space heater and/or leave the door open to the house – again heat bill up, repairs from burst pipes down. If possible, place a light bulb on a drop cord on or near the water meter.

4 – stuff old blankets or quilts under any cracks or openings under your garage door.

5 – check basement windows and make sure they are shut tightly.

6 – if going on a trip or headed south, do NOT turn your heat off or down too low – have someone checking on it for you

If all else fails , and a pipe bursts, – turn your water off at the meter and call a plumbing professional. If you have a boiler, it will be OK for awhile until someone gets there.

If you have questions or need service you can call Bill George Plumbing at (815) 232-5378.


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