BMX Legends – Four of the Top Five BMX Riders In Rockford Are From Freeport

Freeport, Illinois – For those of you who are new to the area or perhaps haven’t heard, Freeport has some serious BMX roots. From a city that once hailed two race tracks where riders would show up every weekend, today Freeport’s BMX legacy has moved more underground.

While the tracks may have long since disappeared, the riders in the city never have.

About a month ago we took a trip to the Rockford BMX track, a place hundreds of riders and their families from all over the country come to ride in tournaments and races over the summer.  Arriving at the track you find campers and RV’s everywhere.

We went there to showcase our Freeport Team Phk/Elliott Graphix and just in case you don’t believe in our BMX roots, the video featured two of the local legends of BMX and shot to 6,000 views reaching 24,000 people in no time.  Our underground BMX roots are huge.

Here’s the video we aired.

At the field tents are setup next to the campers with people grilling out, friends having conversation and kids riding their bikes everywhere you go. As for racing there’s no shortage of races to watch.

Freeport’s Team Phk/Elliott Graphix competes in Rockford and recently we learned that our Freeport team is still rocking the talent.  Four out of the top five riders in Rockford hail from our great city of Freeport.

Those top four are;

  • Dustin Jacobs Track Champion at #1
  • Troy Schleich who is #3
  • Levi Lakota #4
  • Joshua flowers #5

Troy Schleich told us that the points are calculated by attendance and how well riders do on every given week. He adds, “it is really pretty cool how well our small Freeport team does over there every week“.

Troy said weather permitting Team Phk/Elliott Graphix still has two more Sunday’s to race at the Rockford BMX track yet this season, adding that points are only scored for district standings now. Troy says the indoor season starts in November in Elkorn, Wisconsin.

With the recent news of a local effort to bring a dirt track back to Freeport, perhaps the timing is just right to give our BMX riders a local place to race and hold events.  The team is here, the riders are here, the BMX legends are still here and the talent has never left and if it’s anything even close to what Rockford has, a return of BMX to Freeport will flood our area with thousands of people from all across the country.

Team Phk/Elliott Graphix says they wish to thank the Rockford BMX family and all the volunteers who help make 2016 anther killer year at the track and get used to the news. Today In The Port and Freeport News Network will be bringing you much more from our Legends in BMX.

Congrats to our BMX Team, all the riders and especially those who made the top four. May our local BMX live on.




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