Cimino’s Little Italy Shows Support For Third Grade Students At Jones Farrar

Freeport – These are the little stories we love to bring you. Earlier this week, third grade teacher at Jones Farrar Jackie O’Rorke had an idea for the students of her class. In an effort to combine fun with learning, O’Rorke came up with an idea to use pizza boxes that her students could use to make fraction pizza’s. (We all know how hard those fractions are to grasp without a pie!)‎

So, our local teacher reached out to Cimino’s Little Italy here in Freeport Illinois and asked how much 22 small pizza boxes would cost her to use for her class. She didn’t ask them to donate the pizza boxes or give the pizza boxes to her for free, she asked how much they would cost.

Cimino’s has had a long history in our community serving residents for over 40 years and Mama Cimino, rasied 4 boys on her own after the loss of her husband. We all know it’s the little things sometimes that mean the most. Giving a little here and a little there within a community can go a long way.

Cimino’s told Jackie to just come get the pizza boxes and don’t worry about any cost.

While not a big story, it’s just a little insight into the type of news and good things that happen in Freeport that most people simply never hear about. It’s the day to day activities, the little giving and paying forward that is done every single day in Freeport that just never reaches much of the spotlight.

This, is one of those stories that deserves a little light. A humble teacher seeking ways to engage her class and a local business who through just a small gesture shows their support for our local children.

So today, as you contemplate conquering the world and solving world hunger, don’t forget about the little things along the way. The smile, the hello, the little helping hand or small way you can pay it forward, can add up to a big thing if we all look for those opportunities.

Kudos to third grade teacher Jackie O’Rorke and Kudos to Cimino’s Little Italy. Thanks for doing what you do in the name of our local children.


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