City Begins Assessment Phase of Disaster – Asking Residents To Call In Damage

Stephenson County, Illinois — July 25, 2017 — As the population of Stephenson County continues to deal with the aftermath of recent storms, residents are asked to contact the Damage Assessment Call Center at 815-801-0004 to report damages related to the storms that occurred between July 20th and July 22nd.  Operating hours for the call center have expanded and residents can now call 24 hours per day.  The information collected will be used to assist with the request to the State of Illinois for disaster assistance.

Callers will need to provide the following information:

— Address affected
— Information about the address (single family, multi-family, own, rent, business, etc)
— Depth of water in basement / crawlspace
— Depth of water on first floor
— Basement living area
— Insurance information
— Structural damage
— Name and phone number

Residents impacted by this event are reminded to document any effects from the storm by utilizing video or pictures. Those impacted should maintain receipts from any purchases or expenses incurred as a result of the storm and cleanup efforts after the storm. IF any reimbursement becomes available it is essential to be able to provide this documentation of the damage and costs incurred.

Contrary to current rumors, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is NOT in Stephenson County and is NOT currently providing assistance to the residents of the county. All response and recovery efforts are currently being handled at a local level.

Further information regarding assistance available to county residents and on-going recovery efforts within the County will be released in a separate Public Service Announcement (PSA) as soon as possible.


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