Did You Know Freeport Has All Your School Related Music And Band Accessories?

Freeport, Illinois – Did You Know? You can find all your school music and band accessories at Freeport’s premiere music store? At Black Diamond Music in Freeport you can find all your band accessories such as Reeds, Violin Rosin, Strings, Snare Drum Drumsticks, Drum Keys, Lyres and Flip Books, Cleaning Kits for Clarinet, Trumpets and Sax too.

They even stock various books needed for the instruments your Band Student requires.

Additionally, Black Diamond Music installs Drum Heads and can string and tune up Violins. Black Diamond Music Studio & Sales is boutique Music Store geared towards Musicians and Bands needs.

New & Used Guitars, Amps, Drums and Accessories plus a Recording Studio. Black Diamond Music also puts on local Open Mic Nights, a local show called Take The Stage and on August 27 at Krape Park they are putting on Freeport’s first ever Music Fest.

Stay in Freeport and get what your child needs this year for school at Black Diamond Music Studio.

Black Diamond Music Studio
(815) 233-0118
1329 E South St
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