Four-Day School Week Ahead For These Colorado Students

DENVER — How do you think your child would react to the idea of going to school for only four days a week instead of five? They’d probably think it was a pretty good idea if you asked most students. We remember the day when high school’s had open campus. You still went to school 5 days a week, but you could leave during study halls or lunch.

Leave, as in the completely leave the premises.

Well, according the WXYZ our of Denver, starting with the next academic year, students in a Colorado school district will attend classes for four days each week instead of five.

For the past few months, the 27J school district — which covers portions of the Denver suburbs, including Brighton, Commerce City, Henderson and Thornton in addition to unincorporated areas of Adams, Broomfield and Weld counties — has been exploring and discussing the idea of a shorter week and on Monday, the district made it official.

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