Freeport High School To Honor Veterans With November Activities

Freeport – During the month of November, the College & Career Center at Freeport High School is spotlighting military careers. As part of increasing students’ awareness of this career option and in recognition of Veterans Day, the Center has planned several activities to honor veterans. Below is a list of activities set to take place.

November 10, 2015

9:00 AM – Helicopter landing
A Huey and OH58 helicopters will land in the practice football fields to coincide with the start of our events. These are contingent on availability and sheriff dept. needs that day.

9:15 AM – Honored Veterans speak to advisory classes
40 veterans will speak with advisory classes about their military experiences and careers for about 15 minutes.

9:40 AM – Hall Parade
Following the presentation from the veterans, there will be a hall parade to honor those who came to speak. The Pretzel NJROTC will lead the parade, followed by the band-drum line and then the guest speakers. Advisory classes will honor our veterans with cheers, posters, etc. The advisory class that shows the most patriotic spirit will receive a pizza party.

10:00 AM – Marine Corp Birthday Party
Cake and refreshments following the parade for interested veterans.

ALL DAY – Military & First Responder Vehicles on Empire Street
During the day, there will be military and first responder vehicles parked on Empire Street that Social Studies and other classes will be touring. The helicopters will be in the practice football fields as well.

– Military Recruiters at College & Career Center
Some of the military recruiters will be spending the day near the College & Career Center to talk with students and share experiences.

November 11, 2015

At the start of each hour, a brief military bio will be read for all of the veterans who are now FHS Staff members.
For more information on these activities, you may contact Ms. Diane Regan, FHS College & Career Center Advisor, at 815-801-0588 or

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