Freeport Mayor Updates Residents On Today’s Water Main Break & Boil Order

Freeport – Today In The Port spoke with Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz earlier on the phone today and following is an update of today’s water main break and boil order. In addition, FHN has also put out information regarding water safety and measures they are taking to ensure clean water and steps you should take for the next 24 hours while the boil order is in effect.

We asked Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz to update us on the current state of the water main and the Mayor told us that the water pressure should be normal as of now and states that “the only thing in effect is the boil order“, which he added “is a state mandated requirement when an event such as this happens“.

Mayor Gitz said that during the boil order the water distribution center takes numerous samples that get sent into a lab.  “It’s not just one test” he added.  He went on to say, “it’s a simple test to determine the presence of chloroform” adding that “because there is chlorine in the water odds are anything that may be in the water is killed”.

The protocol is to wait 24 hours“, the Mayor told us, adding that”once the tests come back OK, the boil order is removed“.

The boil order only applies to water you’re going to take out of the faucet to consume, which would apply to drinking fountains, soda pop fountains and water that may come from a machine that you may drink out of.

It’s been a long Monday” the Mayor said, adding that “the City offices are closed today, but the Water Department staff has once again stepped up to the plate for the citizens of Freeport“.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments


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