Freeport News Network Reaches 2.1 Million Views

Freeport, Illinois – The instigator of positive Freeport news, the outlaw for bad news has reached another milestone this month.

In an announcement issued earlier, Freeport News Network released their visitor stats covering the past year since November 2015 showing they’ve hit over 2.1 million page views.

What started out as a way to highlight the positive aspects of Freeport and try and change the focus from so much negative into more positive, has turned into a local news media viewed in the millions and a new wave of reporting Freeport that seems to have caught on.

A combination that has meant an awful lot of people are hearing good things about the city of Freeport for a change.  A change that looks like it’s only going to get better.

The group says whether it’s creative videos, content rich stories, local articles, area news or special broadcasts, they offer many creative exclusive ways to market and promote the city, the region, it’s people and it’s businesses.

The group said for what one ad might cost elsewhere, local businesses can get an entire years worth of advertising.

I’m changing the way local businesses reach massive size audiences“, says brand developer Greg Chambers. “I’m changing how, I’m changing where and I’m changing the entire platform” he went on to say.

On October 8, 2016 Freeport News Network released web and social media statistics, the results of which are as follows;

  • Since November of 2015, 2,120,947 (2.1 million) pages have been viewed on the Freeport News Network website by a total of 425,247 unique visitors.
  • Freeport News Network visitors represent 804,253 total visits with the total number of “hits” to the network coming in at 32,778,093, (32.7 million). (Hits represent anything and everything that was ever accessed on Freeport News Network).
  • When it comes to Facebook, in just likes alone the articles, stories and videos have garnered over 248,700 total likes since last year. That comes out to be an average of 13,089 likes per month, or 436 per day (which doesn’t count loves, haha, sad, wow, etc…).
  • When it comes to video, the video segments have had nearly 1 Million (948,383) views just by themselves.
  • As for reach, both brands Freeport News Network and Today In The Port have been watched in all 50 States including Mexico and Puerto Rico and have had visitors from a total of 145 countries.

All done in a years time.

Greg said the old model of promoting often doesn’t work anymore. “You just can’t get your money back most of the time and it’s no longer creative enough for today’s consumer” he said.

It looks like he’s on to something too.

Viewers of both his networks are discovering new places in town; people who were born here are learning things they never knew about Freeport and businesses are getting direct feedback from their marketing efforts.

We’re having fun, people are talking and they’re engaged in topics about Freeport like they have never before” Greg said.

We’re covering news, sure“, but he adds, “we’re different, we’re not like normal news; we don’t talk, act or promote things the same way either“.

He said some people like it, some people don’t.

While he did say that over the past year he knows the news hasn’t always been consistent, he told us there are reasons for it.

I’m building an audience right now”, he said. “I’m not pushing advertising per say I’m building viewers, friends.

Right now, that’s more important.

Greg told us he feels bad for missing events sometimes, but says that will happen while things grow and will eventually disappear.

He says he hopes in time his networks become a national source for a new kind of news, special programming, entertainment and shows that highlight Freeport, saying “there won’t be anything like it and you can’t get around it because like us, it never stops changing“.

Greg said local programming that relates to the masses and helps people through a unique social model that entertains and engages people is already being planned.

He said he believes all the talent is here in the region adding. “the talent is here, the people are here, the good news is here and this is going to be bigger than anyone has ever wrapped their head around before“.

As for right now, Greg said he appreciates all the viewers who tune in and plans on introducing new features to both his media brands in the near future.

We’ll keep an eye out for those developments.




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