Freeport Police Caught Engaging In The Streets With Kids In A Game of Basketball

Freeport, Illinois — We all know police officers in large part within the media and over the nation often get a bad wrap for the jobs they do. The public never sees the day to day life of a police officer, nor do they know the emotional aspect of dealing with crime, problems and so many family turmoil situations on a typical basis.

Even though their job is to deal with the worst of life’s situations, mistakes are more often publicized over successes.

Above and beyond a police officer’s job, the behind the scenes story is often an officer who goes above and beyond their call of duty. It’s the story of an officer who involves themselves in local events, fundraisers, programs that help kids and yet a story people rarely ever hear about.

Luckily in Freeport we have a pretty watchful community. Watchful enough to look out of their window and notice some racket going on outside.

Much to their surprise, they spotted a Freeport Police officer outside playing basketball with some area kids. From what we were told, the officer got out of his car and volunteered to play a game of ball with them.

By the looks of it, the kids were game too.

Freeport Police Department officer playing ball with local kids

Posted by Stephenson County Scanner on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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