Holy Cow, Benchwarmers Says Buy A Pizza And Get Sticks For Just $2.22

Freeport, Illinois – You know how much we love Benchwarmers. Well, Eric and his staff have done it again.

Benchwarmers says their 2 year Anniversary Specials must go on and right now if you buy any 12″ or 16″ pizza you get garlic cheese sticks with Benchwarmers homemade pizza sauce for only $2.22.

That’s two dollars and twenty two cents for cheese sticks.

Whether it’s a fundraiser to help out someone local who needs it, a goat in the restaurant to celebrate our Cubbies, or a huge public event that brings the community together, head out to Benchwarmers, (or give them a call) and grab yourself something delicious for a couple bucks.

They even offer FREE Delivery. (815) 232-9393
2143 W Galena Ave
Freeport, Illinois

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