Freeport Native Michael Krebs Finds Commercial Fame As Abraham Lincoln

Indiana – Many of us in Freeport have not been privileged to see the TV commercial about Honest Abe Roofing featuring an actor who looks, amazingly, like Abraham Lincoln. For those in Indiana, they know the commercials all to well. Obviously, Mr. Lincoln has been gone a long time, however the actor is Michael Krebs and he is from Freeport, Illinois. Our wonderful home town and the site of one of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates.

As most of us know the debate was featured for the race for the Senate, a race that Abraham Lincoln lost and made one of his famous quips about the loss. Mr. Lincoln said, “I feel like a boy who was running through the meadow and stubbed his toe on a rock. It hurts too much to laugh and I’m too old to cry.”

After high school, Krebs went to Western Illinois University in De Kalb, Illinois. He then set upon the trail of acting and chased auditions, winning a few and losing a few in Chicago and New York. Krebs is six feet four, the exact height of Abraham Lincoln. And growing a beard, along with the proper costuming, he became successful portraying Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. This makes the 20th year Michael Krebs has been “Honest Abe.”

Being Abraham Lincoln and portraying him at schools and such means a little more responsibility than just an ordinary acting job. You are portraying one of America’s greatest presidents, if not the greatest president. Here’s Kreb in the Vampire Hunter Original Trailer

Krebs does not wear his Lincoln clothes when he travels but the beard often gives him away. One day on stand-by at LaGuardia Air Port in New York City, over the PA system he heard, “Would Abraham Lincoln come to Gate 26.” (The beard is a dead give-a-way.) Michael has appeared in a Hollywood movie portraying Abraham Lincoln and many History Channel films plus many other performances as Abraham Lincoln. He and fellow actor Deborah Miller do an act where she plays Mary Todd Lincoln and, of course, Michael is Abraham Lincoln.

I sought out this interview because I thought the commercials for Honest Abe Roofing were some of the best made locally. And when Michael Krebs stands up and puts on his tall hat, you can see why he is so believable.

I suppose it is because I have spent much of my life in radio, TV, and print (all of these mediums depend on advertising) and see good advertising, I want to stand up and say hooray, hooray!

I don’t know anything about roofing. I know a little bit about acting and a little bit about what makes a good commercial or a bad commercial. So, kudos to Honest Abe Roofing, and to Michael Krebs for giving a good performance as the man from Illinois.

To watch a playlist of Kreb’s commercials click here

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