Housing Authority Of The City of Freeport Honored With National Pioneer In Housing Award

Freeport, Il. – The Housing Authority of the City of Freeport [HACF] was recognized recently with a national award.  NanMckay and Associates, Inc. [NMA] is the industry leader in providing performance improvement solutions including training, consulting, and products to subsidized housing agencies.  NMA annually honors agencies that build bridges to the future and generate real change in their communities and the affordable housing industry.  This year, the HACF was awarded the Pioneer in Housing Award for small agencies (those with 1249 or fewer units).  This award is to recognize housing authorities that use “out of the box” thinking to improve the future of their employees, community, and industry.


The award application highlighted HACF’s successful Workforce Development Institute [WDI].  The HACF has achieved recognition as a leader in the industry from local, state, regional and national levels, most specifically for outstanding resident services with educational, employment, and empowerment opportunities.  HACF seeks innovative ways to offer services and programming above and beyond basic housing services in order to best support public housing residents and the low-income families in the community, ensuring they have the tools to reach their goals.  HACF has recognized the challenges and barriers of its residents and other persons of low-income in the community toward obtaining and maintaining employment.  Barriers include lack of high school diploma or GED, confidence to return to school due to age, criminal background, transportation, and even substance abuse histories.

HACF has gained respect and acknowledgement for the great work done in providing self-sufficiency, education, employment and empowerment opportunities from residents, within the agency, the community, and the housing industry. HACF used “out of the box” thinking to address the needs of residents and the local community and ensure self-sufficiency is obtainable. The HACF Workforce Development Institute is transforming the local workforce to be more equipped with the needed skills thus reducing cost to the employers due to decreased employee turnaround and also attracting new businesses to the area. The WDI students are gaining soft skills, as well as self-confidence and personal development to be more successful in life.

Anyone with questions or to further discuss this national award, please contact Larry Williams, FHA CEO, at 815-232-4171 Ext 1015.

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