How Freeport Saved My Family And Became Our Chance For Life – One Resident Tells Their Story

Editors Note: Be The Change is a local effort spearheaded by a local Freeport resident with a mission to spread a special kind of positivity by putting the HUMAN back in HUMANity. This is a story as told by the founder of Be The Change.

Freeport – In a recent conversation on why Be The Change wishes to clean up Freeport, the person who asked stated it’s useless because “Freeport is a lost cause” and wanted to know why we’d even bother.

Freeport is not a lost cause for those of us living here. Freeport is our home. Home of our friends, home of our families, home to the daily lives we live. I absolutely despise the unspoken elephant in the room that Freeport is somehow a “death sentence” to those of us still living here. I despise that anytime someone moves out of Freeport, there’s always that person saying “they’ll be back” as if living here is a plague.

Freeport literally saved my family when we moved here in the 90’s. This little safe-haven of a town offered my family a fresh start away from the many varieties of abuse & hardships our lives were so deeply rooted in. Twenty years ago, in a two-door hatchback stuffed with what belongings we could fit, my family made a cross-country journey in the deep dark of the night, unknowing of where we would end up.

Had this sanctuary of a town deemed my family a “lost cause” when we came upon it, I have no doubt in my mind that we would not have survived. If it weren’t for various services, organizations and love from individuals in this community- my family wouldn’t be here to even call this place a home. So when I hear “Freeport is a lost cause” from someone living in this community, it makes my blood boil. Freeport is not a lost cause and it sure as heck isn’t a death sentence. For us, Freeport became our chance for life and it’s time we return the favor.


Written by Stephanie Feld of Be The Change. Go follow Be The Change on Facebook and if you haven’t already done so, go like their page and show your support.

One thought on “How Freeport Saved My Family And Became Our Chance For Life – One Resident Tells Their Story

  • April 25, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    i have to agree with this article. I was in a bad way and needed out. I came a short distance but due to the many services and organizations i two have a second chance at life with my children. I am forever in debt to the people and places of this city and i am proud to call it my home.

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