Introducing An Effective Outlet For Disposal of Used Agricultural Plastics – Farm Bureau News

The Stephenson County Farm Bureau says they are pleased to be working with Revolution Plastics, based in Little Rock Arkansas, to expand their outreach into Illinois with a beneficial ag plastics recycling initiative.

Revolution has been working in southern Wisconsin for a while now as they are establishing relationships with livestock producers to provide an effective outlet for disposal of used agricultural plastics such as bale wraps, silage bags, bunker covers etc.

Revolution will provide a dumpster to qualified producers with adequate volume for regularly scheduled pickups, and the plastic is picked up every 4-8 weeks and hauled to the landfill at Brodhead Wisconsin for processing into recycled plastics for garbage bags and other uses. We’re helping spread the word about the process and will provide local support for expanding the outreach.

The Stephenson County Farm Bureau will have a dumpster and information at their Farm Fun Zone tent at the Stephenson County Fair July 6-10, and you can learn more by calling (815) 232-3186.

Bruce Johnson is the manager of the Stephenson County Farm Bureau.

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