“Mental Event” Closes Part of Stagecoach Trail Tuesday Morning

LENA, ILLINOIS — At 3:38am Tuesday morning the Lena, Illinois Police Department warned the public in a release of a situation and ongoing police incident that closed Stagecoach Trail between Schuyler Street and Fremont Street until further notice.

Lena Police Department along with the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department, Winslow Police Department, Lena Fire Department and Leamon’s Ambulance responded to a residence for a situation in what police described as a “mental event”. Authorities advised the Lena-Winslow School District to close and employees were told not to come to work.

Turns out, an unnamed individual in Lena locked themself in their home, claiming they wanted to harm themselves. The person was said to be the owner of “many firearms” according to police.

After hours of negation, the situation ended at 7:00am when police say the individual came out of the residence without incident. The person was transported to a local hospital for an evaluation, according to police. Police said the roads are all back open.

The story is developing.


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