Milwaukee police chief looks to National Guard for DNC security

Who will provide security for next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee is anybody’s guess.

Dozens of local Wisconsin police departments have withdrawn from an agreement to send officers to Milwaukee for the DNC.

Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb said in an interview on Fox News Thursday morning police departments across the state are not comfortable sending their officers to Milwaukee after city leaders there banned the use of tear gas and pepper spray.

“This is not at all political,” Lamb said. “This is about the safety of our people.”

Milwaukee banned the use of tear gas and pepper spray after Milwaukee Police used both on protesters who turned violent in late May and June.

Lamb says without those kind of less-than-lethal options, the job of crowd control becomes much more dangerous and much more difficult.

“Frankly, they are setting the officers up for failure,” Lamb added.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales agrees.

Morales told reporters Wednesday night managing the protesters at next month’s DNC will be tough without the option of using tear gas.

Not having the proper equipment or items or resources to do that makes it very difficult to do that and keep the people safe,” Morales said.

Without tear gas and pepper spray, police may need to physically move protesters. That could mean more injuries.

As for who will help Milwaukee Police at the convention. Morales said he may ask for National Guard troops, or perhaps, federal help.

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