Mrs. Mikes Owner Butch Mordick Still ‘Fresh As A Daisy’ After 47th Year

Freeport, Illinois — The legend of the famous chip is still alive and well around the Mrs. Mikes potato chip factory on East Monterey in Freeport, Illinois these days.  In 1971, Butch Mordick bought the Mrs. Mike’s Potato Chip Company and on May 1st of this year, celebrated his 47th year as its owner.

butch_mailbox“I took on something that I had no idea about what I was doing”, Butch said recently. He says it has been a great time and that yet today, he still loves what he does.

“Mrs. Mike’s has been my passion and we will always make sure that you receive the potato chips you love.”

With a worldwide customer base the small potato chip company, still at its original location, has grown far beyond Butch’s vision.

Even with the recent FDA ruling to phase out partially hydrogenated soy based oils by 2018, (globally by 2020) the company says that Mrs. Mikes is going to live on.

“I think we will make it”, Butch says.

In 2005 the company invested in equipment to make their own brand of cheese popcorn. In early fall of 2008, Butch purchased the Freeport Pretzel Company.  In January of 2018 Mrs. Mikes began using a Soy based oil that is not partially hydrogenated, breaking a 50 year history of how its chips were made.

Mrs. Mike’s Potato Chips uses between two and three 1,200-pound crates of potatoes every day and are served at many local establishments throughout Freeport, IL and surrounding communities.

They are located at 70 East Monterey Street, Freeport. You can also find them online at


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