Closed Sabula Bridge Forcing Motorists Into 36 Mile Detour, Will Now Take Longer

Savanna, Illinois — Looks like the once iconic Sabula bridge that since closing has left motorists with a 36 mile detour, will now take longer to complete according to numerous reports.

KWQC reports that another setback will delay use of the new Savanna-Sabula Bridge over the Mississippi River. They say the “U.S. 52 Mississippi overflow bridge at the north end of Sabula island will remain closed for longer than expected”.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says the extension is due to an unforeseen difficulty with drilling required for foundations.

The old Sabula bridge was closed in March, forcing motorists into a 36-mile (58 kilometer) detour.

The construction was scheduled to be finished in late May. Now the Iowa Transportation Department says the bridge won’t be open until at least July because of problems with sandy soil.


Cover photo: By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon (Savanna–Sabula Bridge) [CC BY-SA 2.0  (], via Wikimedia Commons

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