Salvation Army Weed Whacking, Pressure Washer Stealing, Hose Thief On The Loose In Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — It might sound crazy but it appears someone may have walked off with a Pressure Washer, a weed wacker and a garden hose from the east side of Freeport recently, and the property, happens to belong to the Salvation Army of Freeport.

In a post made Saturday morning June 30th, Captain Jim Brickson of the Salvation Army said “someone stole this stuff (pictured) from an east side residence but who ever “borrowed” took it from The Salvation Army”. Brickson said the pressure washer alone cost $900, and was recently purchased from Menards.

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The Salvation Army is asking the person/s who “borrowed” these items, to please bring them back to the Freeport Salvation Army. Brickson says, “no questions asked”.

The Salvation Army in Freeport is located at 106 W Exchange St, (815) 235-7639.

Note: We originally said that a generator was taken. It is a pressure washer.


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