Snowy Forecast Update Around Town Jan. 26 – Winter Storm Warning in Effect

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Well, if you haven’t wanted to look out your window yet today, don’t worry, we did it for you. Here’s a little shot of Freeport looks like right now as we speak.

[srizonfbvidsingle id=2278073775793889]

A little predicted light snow has turned into a winter snowstorm today and all afternoon the snow has been falling pretty much just like you see right now. And, more is on the way.

A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for our area until Monday January 28 evening at 6:00PM. Expected snowfall amounts could be as much as 8 inches with wind gusts as high as 25 mph and, temperatures to -5 even -10 below. Looking ahead to next week we could temps to -25, even -30 below by mid-week.

If you are planning on heading just remember, keep your headlights on, drive with caution and be prepared for slick roads.

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