Surprise Birthday Moment Brings One Freeport Woman To Tears

Freeport, Illinois —  An average trip into downtown Freeport might introduce you to some new shopping destinations, a few new people, maybe a music event, a wedding walk, some classic cars or even a zombie or two. In this day and age, that’s the norm.

What you don’t see any longer on an average trip to downtown is someone riding a horse on the streets. That’s right, a horse. Even better, two Belgian horses and a carriage to be exact.

Well, that’s exactly what Bonnie Stephens did see however, when she left church this past Sunday.

As a surprise to her on her 74th birthday, Bonnie’s family got together and planned a special moment for their loved one.

A moment completely unexpected and one that brought Bonnie to tears, one person told us.

“She’s such a nice and deserving person” Bobbi Nicklaus, a volunteer for the Salvation Army said to us on the phone about Bonnie.

“It’s so nice see family doing something for older family members and that’s exactly what her family did, something very sweet.”

One person said that when Bonnie saw the horses and realized what was happening, she started crying.

“I’m not sure where the horse and buggy came from”, Nicklaus said on the phone. “I’m not even sure where they rode off too but it sure was special to watch.”

Nicklaus said there were about 20 others at Church that day and that everyone was just as surprised as Bonnie was.

Happy Birthday Bonnie. We hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise from your family. We sure did.

birthday surprise downtown with belium horses for salavation army church woman
Photo: Cathy Nelson Conder


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