Take a Trip Back in Stephenson County Time

Stephenson County Illinois — Where can you go to find heirloom-quality prints of the old family homesteads of Stephenson County or maybe even your grandparent’s farm or some other special place?

There’s a place called Vintage Aerial and it connects your personal memories and family history to photos of the places where the memories were made and the history took place.

And they have 382 rolls of film from Stephenson County which equates to about 13,752 photos to boot.

According to their website, “by connecting yesterday’s memories with photographs from our collection, Vintage Aerial allows you to introduce your great-grandchildren to your grandparents through a photo of the home or farm they worked so hard for”.

And Stephenson County isn’t the only place you can look up.

Their collection of over 25 million photographs spans the second half of the 20th century, documenting a time in American history when life revolved around rural communities and small farms.

Our common American heritage happened in that time, in those rural communities.

If you would like to see their collection of vintage photographs which document the historical patchwork of small farms and rural communities, click here.

You can also share your story and stitch your family’s history into the colorful quilt of this timeless look at our American heritage.

The group says, “We want to share the period preserved in these photos, and the memories they represent, with the generations who came too late to experience it firsthand.”

You can view the collection here.


Cover photo: https://vintageaerial.com/photos/illinois/stephenson/1974/CST/62/20

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