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Freeport, Illinois – Nancy wrote us a message a few weeks back that we want to share with you. We encourage anyone who follows us and shares a story of Freeport to pen a note also.

Your story doesn’t have to include us, (we like when it does) but just your experience and thoughts of Freeport. Here’s one we received and we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do.

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I look forward to every post I see. I think what you have created here is something this town needed so much and I thank you.

You have brought out the good side of Freeport that people seem to have forgotten.

We moved here in 1968 when my father was going off to Vietnam as a Marine Corps Engineer, as support for the ground troops there. It was his second tour. We weren’t very well accepted here, but I knew it wasn’t us personally it was the war.

When my father retired about 18 months later we had thought of returning to California, but Mayor McLeroy offered my father the position of Street Superintendent, and the rest as they say is history.

He was with the city for 22 years.

Zealous Tattoo and Elliot Graphix New Location Freeport, Illinois
Zealous Tattoo and Elliot Graphix New Location Freeport, Illinois

While I had the Military brat wanderlust, and moved several times, I always came back to Freeport. It was my home on record, my family was here, but so was my heart. Yes Freeport has changed a lot over the years but if you drive down the streets you see people improving homes, streets and sewers being redone.

You see life in the parks with families all over, people walking their pets, playing ball and such. You see a downtown where new businesses are taking their chance to improve our city too.

You see the river clean up crew and people picking up trash. Everywhere you look you can see the good if you are open to it.

Throwback Thursday. Who's Seen This in Freeport? Know something about it?
Throwback Thursday. Who’s Seen This in Freeport? Know something about it?

What we need now is someone who will aggressively go after businesses to relocate here. Yes the old Freeport is gone but what we can have here isn’t.

I look forward to this new Freeport.

Thank you so much for showing us the good.

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