The Little Freeport Image That’s Worth A Thousand Words

Freeport, Illinois — Last July 2016 we did a video for Mort’s Bar & Grill after their re-model. We weren’t asked to do it, we were never paid and we didn’t receive any money for it. We just did it because, as most of you already know, we like to feature the best of Freeport. To be quite frank, sometimes money gets in the way of that.

Yesterday we were looking around on the Internet and happened to come across the image to the right. It’s from a post by the “All In” folks about Mort’s bar and grill posted March 2, 2017. Obviously the image caught our attention because it looked creepily similar to our video done almost a year ago.

Upon examination it was very clear that it was the exact same image. However, our video had our logo in the bottom left corner and the image “All In” was using had our logo edited out. It appeared they took a screen shot of our video and purposely removed our logo, then used our image for their own use.

You know, we work hard for very little pay to bring you so much of the good in Freeport over the past two years. I was born here. This is my hometown. My parents were from here, my grandparents, my relatives and basically my entire family. Everything I love came from this town.

“All In” or A5 marketing who is behind “All In”, isn’t even from Freeport. They are a Chicago based company and of the $125,000 plus dollars they have taken from our community, 85% of that goes right back to Chicago. It “leaves” Freeport.

Sadly, we then find out they do stuff like this.

To think this big huge marketing firm who is being paid hundred’s of thousands of dollars to “brand” Freeport pulls this kind of stuff when they don’t even live in Freeport, have never lived in Freeport and as told to me personally directly by the owner of A5 that he will never live in “Mayberry” is a huge wake up call.

In our opinion, “All In” isn’t “all” they’re cracked up to be. They’re taking from this community and now, it appears they will also take the “little guys” hard work too. That’s just what they did.

We wrote the “all in” folks (as you can read below) about the image when we noticed it. They never even bothered to respond to us. No apology, no we’re sorry, nothing.

In other words, screw you, you mean nothing, we don’t care, you’re not even worthy of a response. But apparently what we create to promote Freeport is worthy huh.

Truth is, this just makes me sad. Flattered, but sad. I have worked so hard to promote my city. Long hours, long days, little pay and it just saddens me this is how some people are.

It’s funny though isn’t it. Usually, they are always the people at the top.

morts image stolen by freeport all in - 2
Screenshot of the Today In The Port video that aired on July 29, 2016
morts image stolen by freeport all in- screenshot of their page - 2

Screenshot of Freeport “All In” image they posted to their Facebook page on March 2, 2017

Update: We were made aware that they did respond and apologized stating they would remove the image or replace it with our logo. When we checked the post two hours or so later, the post had been removed so we didn’t notice a response. So we appreciate that.  While the post appears to have been removed, the image is still up which a viewer made us aware of.

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