Victims of Hit and Run Seek Public Help in Finding Driver Who Hit Them

Freeport, Illinois — Jake Kerkhoff and his girlfriend are very lucky. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2.18 million people were injured in a vehicle accident in 2015. There were 22,144 passenger vehicle occupants who died in one.

On Sunday, August 27, 2017 Jake says he and his girlfriend were involved in a hit and run accident in his girlfriend’s car. Jake says they were traveling on Pecatonica road heading north and just outside of Pecatonica, when he says a newer body style Dodge Cummins dually truck came out of nowhere and hit them in the rear end of their vehicle.

The vehicle is being described as a two tone color with a light brown/maroon top and a lighter grey/tan bottom on the door panels. Jake says they were not able to get a license plate due to the speed the truck was traveling at.

He says they have spoken with the State Police on a lead they had, but the lead is said to have turned out to be a dead end. They are seeking the public’s help and asking for everyone to keep their eyes open. Photos of their vehicle are below.

If you see a truck matching the above description please contact the Illinois State Police department at (815) 239-1152.


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