Wait, Did The Price Is Right Just Tell Tyler Suess of Freeport To Come on Down?

Freeport, Illinois — You know, if it isn’t one thing it’s another with the cool people of this great city of ours. First it’s someone building a global entertainment network and going on to become the first black billionaire in the world, to some cool dude named Kevin who loves baseball and art, creating a larger than life sculpture of broadcaster Harry Caray. It just never ends with these people.

They’re always involved in doing something cool.

But when we were watching the Price is Right the other day, (shortly after we spayed and neutered our pets) we’re pretty sure we heard the announcer just tell our own Tyler Suess of Freeport to come on down.

Um, who cares about being a billionaire anymore, did you hear what we said? Tyler Suess of Freeport was on the Price is Right!

While no, Tyler didn’t get the chance to hob nob with Bob, (Bob Barker who hosted CBS’s The Price Is Right from 1972 to 2007) she did guess the closest price on a Hammock and a E-Reader, guessing $619 among other contestants, and she did make it onto the stage with Drew Carey.

How cool is that.

Tyler’s next stop was the game Flip Flop where she flip flopped some numbers and won a Kitchen Island, BBQ tool set and dining set. She even made it all the way to spin the wheel with Drew.

Watch Tyler Suess of Freeport “Come on Down” at around 26:25 in the video below.

(Note, it appears that the owner of the below video has taken the video down.)

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IwRFQzi8vQ[/embedyt]



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