Your 2017 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Freeport, Illinois — This past Halloween we decided to throw a contest. We asked viewers to send in a photo of themselves in their Halloween Costume for a special segment we called “The 2017 BEST Halloween Costume Contest”.

Your 2017 HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST WINNERS are: (Drum roll please.)

Coming in at 3rd place was Kim who dressed up as Regan from the Exorcist this year. Kim had 60 votes total.

kim lien Regan from the Exorcist

Coming in at 2nd place was Ashton who dressed up as Maleficent  this year. Ashton had 74 votes total.

Ashton German maleficent - all homemade 2

Coming in at our Number #1 spot was Major Nelson and Jeannie From I Dream of Jeannie. Major Nelson and Jeannie received 104 votes total.

Linda Marie Meighan

Thanks to everyone who voted and who entered. Some pretty cool costumes.

Next year we’ll make our Halloween Contest even bigger.

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