You’ve Heard of Pigs In A Blanket, But Pigs On The Highway?

Freeport, Illinois – Well, if you happened to travel on Highway 20 this morning whether to Freeport or on your way to Rockford, you may have seen Babe and Gordy on the side of the road. Reports came in this morning from drivers that a man with two pigs was on the side of the road of U.S. 20.

Morning traffic alert…..
FYI – there is a pig walking in the median on route 20 by Meridian, one person said.

UPDATE…. sounds like these might be from Eickman’s. Just heard of more loose up by Rt 26. 

I talked to WREX newsroom, and they said State Troopers told them they came out of a livestock trailer that they were being hauled in.

Saw Stephenson County Pd on #20 attending to dead pigs in ditch. Then on #20 in Rockford, the pd was attending two live pigs in the ditch. Stopped and spoke with them. Owner says pigs jumped from trailer.

More pigs closer to Rockford LOL. What the heck. Must have got loose somewhere. Poor little things.

Did anybody see the guy with the two pigs on the side of the road on Highway 20 looks like one of the pigs didn’t make it.

Did you see pigs on the side of the road this morning? Let us know. The moral to the story? Anything can happen. Odds are when you woke up this morning finding pigs on the side of the road, was the last thing on your mind. What did you see though? Pigs on the side of the road.

Anyone who says, “that can’t happen“, well, take it from a pig, it can.


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