Tennessee students walkout twice after first student walkout turns to chaos

March 16, 2018 (FNN)— Students at a high school outside of Nashville, Tenn. participated in the national student walkout on Wednesday, but things didn’t exactly go so smoothly for the school.

In a number of videos from their Wednesday walkout it shows the school didn’t exactly show the student body in the best light.

According to reports and video footage, some Antioch High School students jumped on a cop car while others pulled down an American flag. There were even multiple fights, the school district said, and about 20 students are now facing disciplinary action, the Tennessean reports.


So on Thursday, about 100 students decided to try again: They walked out a second time, WSMV reports.

Students took the flag that had been torn down and raised it back up, the TV station reports. The school’s band played the national anthem as the flag was raised. The students also had 17 minutes of silence on Thursday in honor of the 17 students and staff who were killed during a school shooting in Parkland, Fla., a month ago — the deadly event that inspired thousands and thousands of students to walkout across the country on Wednesday.

Antioch’s principal planned the Thursday event, WSMV reports. Only some of the student body was allowed to attend.

Students who participated said they hoped it made up for Wednesday’s tumultuous attempt.

“To me, there isn’t just one image of people tearing down the flag anymore,” Amanda Arias, a 17-year-old who plays in the school’s band, told the Tennessean. “People can see that we aren’t about that. We don’t support that.”

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