Chicago International Charter Schools Teachers Set February Strike Date

CHICAGO (CBS) — Weeks after the first charter school teachers’ strike in the nation, teachers at another Chicago charter school network could follow suit, after the Chicago Teachers Union set a February strike date at Chicago International Charter Schools.

The union said it has been bargaining with management for pay raises, more classroom resources, and smaller class sizes; but has been unable to reach a deal since talks began last May.

CICS teachers voted in November to authorize a strike, and on Thursday set a strike date for Feb. 5.

“We’re tired of management stalling, tired of their lies, and tired of our students being shortchanged,” said CTU Vice President Stacy Davis Gates.

The union is accusing CICS of “hoarding more than $35 million in cash,” and investing $20 million in funds controlled by a former treasurer and president of the network’s foundation.

The strike vote comes on the heels of a four-day strike by teachers at Acero charter schools, the first charter school teachers’ strike in the U.S.

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