Family And Friends Demand Answers About Missing Pregnant Woman Marlen Ochoa

CHICAGO (CBS) — Marlen Ochoa is due to give birth Sunday, the same day her family expects to meet and search the streets where she was last reported seen.

Family and friends are determined to get answers, filing into Chicago Police Area South, looking for any information on the expecting mother who is now missing.

“I don’t know what kind of situation she finds herself in,” said Marlen’s mother Raquel Uriostegui.

Marlen is 19 years old and 9 months pregnant. She has been missing since April 23.

She was last seen leaving Latino Youth High School in Pilsen.

Family says there have been possible sightings at the Walgreens at 55th and Kedzie.

There are also reports she was seen at a Mexican restaurant just blocks away, but nothing is confirmed.

“We are desperate and can’t continue like this,” said Marlen’s husband Yovani Lopez.

The expecting mother’s Honda Civic is also missing. Her phone is turned off.

“Please take this case seriously. Do not take this case as if it’s nothing,” Lopez said. “We’re talking about it. We’re talking about a woman who is carrying a child, and she’s nine months pregnant.”

Lopez spoke as he held their 3-year-old son. Their relationship is described as turbulent at times.

“He’s desperate and waiting for her to come home with his arms open for her,” Lopez said of their son.

“And if somebody took her because they want to steal the baby there is still time to return her,” Ochoa’s mother said. “There is still time to return her.”

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