In The Chicago Polar Vortex, A Wet T-Shirt Apparently Freezes In About 90 Seconds

CHICAGO (CBS) — When the temperatures get extremely cold, people try all sorts of experiments–like tossing boiling water into the air to watch in vaporize, or freezing a banana and using it to hammer a nail.

In the apparent interest in scientific advancement, a Beverly mom and her son wanted to know: What would happen if you put a wet shirt outside for just over a minute in minus 20 degree temperatures?

In this video sent to CBS 2, Maribeth Cira and her son, Thomas, say the shirt was frozen stiff after no more than 90 seconds.

Maribeth uses her fist to tap on the garment–it sounds like a door knock.

She shakes it and it doesn’t move.

“Solid,” she said.

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