Loyola’s Marques Townes: Styling And Profiling For A Winning Season

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Ramblers are in St. Louis getting ready for some “Arch” Madness.

Marques Townes is the belle of the ball, as Loyola tries to crash the Big Dance for the second straight year. As CBS 2’s Megan Mawicke found out, Townes had to make sure his cut was so fresh and so clean when he picked up his conference MVP hardware.

“It’s that player of the year cut,” said Townes’ barber Ying Maneein.

Maruqes Townes is a cut above the rest, winning the Missouri Conference Player of the Year, but the Ramblers senior guard might have more style off the court.

“I like to be a trendsetter. I like to do my own thing,” the freshly styled Townes said. “I like to show some flair to it.”

Marques perfects his hair like he does his shots. He gets a trim every week with his barber Ying Maneein. It takes over 40 minutes to create the masterpiece fittingly named “The ‘M’ Part.”

“He comes up with the design,” says Maneein. “He has a vision for it and then we collaborate. He’s the producer and I’m the artist.”

When asked where he gets the inspiration for his styles, Townes said “sometimes I go through different pictures or talk to people about it and I’m like ‘I want this and this. I want to change it up.’”

“He has his trainer, he has his coaches and then he has the barber. Because if you look good, you perform better.”

Marques says he’s had too many styles over the years to count; blonde, long, short, curly. He often changes it up to bring a new vibe to his game.

“I feel like sometimes when we lose or anything like that, I always try to change it up,” says Townes. “I’m just superstitious.”

Mawicke even thought of a new design for Townes.

He already has an ‘M’, so why not add a ‘V’ and a ‘P’ for “the ‘MVP’ cut?”

But Marques is way too humble to do that.

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