Military Veteran, 68, Brutally Attacked In Home Has One Percent Chance To Live, Family Says

CHICAGO (CBS) —  A military veteran is in the hospital after he was savagely beaten in his Hazel Crest home Wednesday night, and the daughter who found him is speaking out.

“He’s had brain surgery,” the man’s goddaughter, Shanae Cross said. “Yesterday he made it throughout the surgery, but they gave him a one percent chance to live — one percent. Not five, not 90. One percent, so we’re depending on God.”

The victim’s daughter Mary Cross says she discovered her father beaten and unconscious early Thursday morning.

“I panicked,” Mary said. “I called the police. I called my sister right after I got off the phone. She was trying to keep me calm.”

It happened in the family’s home on 168th and Orchard Ridge Avenue.

Sgt. Keith Chamble, 68, served in the army, but family says most recently he wore a different uniform, working in Stateville Correctional Center near Joliet.

He recently retired.

Hazel Crest police are looking into what happened, including how his cell phone, wallet and car were stolen.

That vehicle was later found three blocks from his home.

The attacker has yet to be found.

“My daddy is supposed to be there for prom and graduation and all this stuff coming up for school and it’s like y’all took that away from me,” Mary said.

“We don’t know nobody who’d want to do this. I hope they go to jail or if we can’t catch them and find out who did this, hope they burn in hell,” Sanae said.

The family is asking neighbors in the area of the attack to check their home surveillance cameras and contact police if they’ve seen anything that can help investigators.

Hazel Crest police say the attack happened between 8 and 9 p.m. Wednesday after Chamble’s exited his vehicle in the driveway. They are asking anyone with information or video to contact the detective division at 708-335-9640.

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