Utility Companies Might Shut Off Service At The Capitol And Other Facilities

no-powerSPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The electricity could be shut off at the Capitol. Yep, you heard it. Our State can’t resolve budget issues and now vital services could get shut off.

Last week Gov. Bruce Rauner received a letter outlining issues related to missed payments, including concerns that utility companies might shut off service at the Capitol and other facilities.

Warnings to suspend services have already come from computer and software contract vendors, a trash pickup entity and the armored truck company that picks up millions in cash each day from secretary of state facilities. In Illinois, the secretary of state oversees driver services, maintains state records and runs security and maintenance at the Capitol. The bills are no longer being paid.

Overtime legislative sessions on the budget have been ongoing in Springfield with little accomplished. Democrats want the first-term governor to agree to raise taxes to help close a multibillion-dollar deficit, but the governor has said he won’t do so until legislators sign off on pro-business changes he wants.


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