Freeport Citizens To Shave Their Heads For Those Going Through Chemotherapy

Freeport, Illinois — You’ve heard the saying before. Bald is beautiful? They say that when God created man, he created only so many perfect heads. The rest, he covered with hair. Let’s face it, bald people, as smart and as gorgeous as we all are, really get a bad wrap.

It’s an even worse bad wrap when that baldness, is due to cancer as a result of enduring Chemotherapy treatments. All bald jokes aside, there is nothing funny, or pleasant, about anyone having to go through any of that.

That’s where Bald 4 Bucks comes in. When patients go through Chemotherapy treatments, they don’t have a choice when they lose their hair. However, we do have a choice to make a difference for those touched by cancer.

On Saturday, June 9 at 6:00 p.m. Logan’s is hosting a Relay For Life Fundraiser called Bald 4 Bucks. With Bald 4 Bucks you ask family, friends and co-workers to sponsor you as you volunteer to have your head shaved.

That’s right, your head shaved. You can even form a team and challenge your friends to see who can raise more. All the funds raised from the event stay local and go to benefit Stephenson County’s Relay For Life. This year, the band Killbourn will be performing along with drink and food specials from Logan’s.

The goal this year is to raise $5000. Those interested can pick up a donation form at Logan’s, located at 1805 S West Ave in Freeport, or you can have one emailed to you by sending an email to

There will also be a 50/50 raffle.

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