Imagine What It’s Like to Live 3, 4, Even 5 Weeks Under Water

Freeport, Illinois — August 1, 2017 — Imagine what it’s like to live 3, 4, maybe 5 weeks under water.

We’re talking about your home, belongings, your food, electricity, appliances all completely ruined, destroyed or turned off.

The smell of sewer.

Having your entire basement full of water and living with either nowhere to go or – nowhere you want to go because dammit, this is my home.

It seems to us Freeport (us, city leaders) need to make a decision about an ongoing city problem, that turns into a unsanitary living condition problem, that just continues to repeat itself over and over and over.

People can’t be expected to live this way. Water in your basement for a few days and it drying in a week is one thing.
This isn’t that.

So what can be done? We’re asking.

— Build a wall
— Install flood gates
— Help protect homeowners and businesses who are in the path of a flood with structural ideas and incentives.

— Move?


Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Plans?

We should do this because we have people living as described above right now.

We should really do it though because we already know: Those same people and their families to come will be living under the very same conditions one day again.

#endtheflooding #protectourpeople #isitpossible

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