$6,600 Donated To VOICES Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault By 100 Amazing Women Who Care

100-women-voices-donation-3Freeport – On October 7th, 2015 funds needed to bring back education experiences to classrooms in local elementary schools became a reality again as the group 100 Women Who Care-Stephenson County donated $6,600 to VOICES Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Freeport.

Sue Swanson (Executive Director), Mindy Borgmann (President, Board of Directors), Diane Allee (Sexual Assault Services Coordinator) and Deb Schopf (volunteer, VOICES advocate) were all present.

VOICES stated that with the funds raised they were able to “bring back education experiences to the classrooms to elementary schools” to help “educate them on appropriate touch/behavior by themselves and from others“, including family members, friends and adults.

This is a program that is currently only in Freeport elementary schools but will be expanded to all schools within the county.

100 Women Who Care-Stephenson County is a group of local women interested in supporting and meeting the needs of our neighbors in order to grow our community.

As a woman in the group, four times a year you fill out a commitment form stating that you will donate $100 to the local charity of the group’s majority choice. You are given a slip of paper to vote. Any member who is interested in presenting a charity for consideration to the group puts her name on another slip of paper and puts it into a bag. Only members may present a charity to the group.

All charities must be local 501(c)3 and non-controversial.

100-women-voices-donation-2At the beginning of each meeting 3 names are chosen at random from the bag. If you are chosen to present your charity to the group you have 5 minutes to give your speech. After all 3 charities have presented there are 5 minutes of question/answer regarding the groups. Then each woman writes their choice on their slip of paper and they are collected and tallied. Whichever organization gets the most votes wins and we then each woman writes their check directly to that organization for $100.

If you would like to learn more about 100 Women Who Care visit them on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/100WWCStephensonCounty/

VOICES of Stephenson County is a not-for-profit, inclusive organization.   Services are offered in a handicap accessible facility, and available in English, and in a variety of languages using the Language Access line including speech/hearing facilitation. The organization welcomes all victims and survivors (and significant others) of domestic and sexual abuse regardless of income, age, race, creed, sex ethnicity, color, national origin, country of origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity , citizenship status, limited English proficiency, spoken language, disability, literacy or religion.

VOICES is funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Attorney General’s Office, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, United Way of Northwest Illinois, 708 Board, FEMA Emergency Shelter & Food Program and numerous community businesses, organizations and individuals.

The next quarterly meeting of 100 Women Who Care is November 12th from 5:30-6:30 (Social Hour) and 6:30-7:30 (meeting) at Logan’s. If you would like to talk to any members about why they are involved or see how their meetings go, come on out that night.

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