A 6-7 Minute Encounter With 3 UFO’s Reported in Cedarville, Illinois

Cedarville, Illinois — A 6-7 minute encounter with 3 unknown objects in the sky was reportedly sighted one mile North of Cedarville on January 13th of this eyar. The report, which came in from UFOStalker.com, states that a witness saw a shiny, reflective, cigar-shaped object pass over their field of vision while driving 1 mile north of Cedarville on Highway 26.

The report states the object was seen going from Northwest to East over the horizon.

It goes on to say that 45 seconds later a second object appeared in the Northwest and again was reported to have passed over view.  The 2nd object then appeared to descend suddenly straight down without changing angle, “like a helicopter”, the report said. It then descended for 3-4 seconds before heading in same direction as 1st object.

It was at that moment a 3rd object reportedly appeared also from Northwest and was said to have followed same direction as previous two unidentified objects.

The report doesn’t say who submitted the sighting or the time of day the unidentified objects were noticed in the sky.

Did you see anything in the Cedarville skies on January 13th, 2018? Chime in and let us know.


Source: http://ufostalker.com/event/89641

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