A Historic Freeport Corner, For Freeport’s ‘Food Trailer With A Heart’ – UNIQUES Has A New Home

Freeport, Illinois — To say that Carols Luna has been a little stressed out over the past few months would be an understatement if there ever were one. The past few months Carlos has seen his life in Freeport go from despair and worry to feeling hopeful and positive, all the way back to the brink of failure and right back to hopeful and positive again. A stomach turning carnival ride all because of the recent events that affected his small food business, known as UNIQUES.

Since November of last year life at UNIQUES has been a rather emotional roller coaster ride for the Luna family and one that we believe, has finally come to a happy end. Happy, thanks to some very thoughtful local people here in the city of Freeport.

In January of this year we initially brought you news of the UNIQUES food trailer. After the heartwarming public reaction, the city of Freeport became involved and in February of 2017, they shut the UNIQUES food trailer down. Since that day the city of Freeport drafted new ordinances pertaining to Food Trailers and Carlos has been on a mad search to find a new location. Today, we are happy to report he has found that location.

On one of Freeport’s most historic corners, the UNIQUES food trailer will once again be open for business and serving up all the unique and delicious food choices people in town have come to love.

phk bicycles outdoor bmx and skate park - looking at union dairy

See, when Pete Kanzler of PHK Bicycles heard about Carlos’s situation he says he immediately had one thought. That first thought was, how can I help? With that in mind, Pete reached out to us to get in contact with Carlos about his food business in Freeport.

We paired up the two and thanks to Pete’s generosity, Carlos and his business UNIQUES will now be located within the PHK Bicycles & Skateboards complex which is directly across the street from our local Union Dairy. A location according to Kanzler he spoke with Jodi Miller about, who told him she is perfectly fine with.

uniques new location phk bicycles

Carlos says’s he’s overwhelmed by the events of recent and says without the help of PHK Bicycles he’s not sure where he’s be. Carlos says he has spoken with Alexander Mills who said the new location shouldn’t be a problem for UNIQUES, and so Carlos has his licenses and is planning on being open soon.

“I would say a date would be by the end of May”, Carlos told us on the phone. “It’s probably going to be before that, but definitely by June 1st we’ll be open for business.”

Carlos says he just needs to make some final arrangements and then get the food trailer moved. He says that he’s excited to get back to doing what he loves and says the partnership with PHK Bicycles is perfect. “Pete’s vision to transform his corner into a BMX Track and Skateboard Park complex, and his vision of having light food here for travelers fits perfect for me”, Carlos says.

The advantage of UNIQUES being at this location is many for Carlos too.

Through a special arrangement with PHK Bicycles, UNIQUES will have the advantage of utilizing space within PHK Bicycles and as the corner complex grows, additional opportunities for the community and for the two business owners will also present themselves.

uniques new location phk bicycles 3

“This is a very historic corner” said Kanzler who owns the building that once was Freeport’s bus station. “With the Union Dairy here, McNess and my plans to transform this corner into a family destination, I only see good things coming from having Carlos here.”

Pete’s vision for his historic corner is to create a BMX Track and Skate Park with a fully stocked retail store (which he already has), an outdoor picnic seating area, small bistro for light sandwiches or water, and perhaps a stopping point for trail riders to stay a night, or maybe for the weekend.

In Pete’s opinion, Carlos and his UNIQUES brand fits right into his plans for the future here and with Carlos’s needs, it’s a location perfect for both.

uniques new location phk bicycles 2

So keep your eyes peeled on this historic corner in Freeport, Illinois. It won’t be long before you’ll start seeing Carlos and his UNIQUES food trailer setup and ready to serve you some delicious food.

Whether you’re driving by or you’re biking by — or maybe you just want to come by and check out all that’s happening at the PHK Bicycles & Skateboard complex, just stop in and show your support. Have a look around a huge bike shop, grab a light sandwich and head over to Union Dairy and finish it all off with an ice cream cone or banana split.

Stay tuned to Freeport News Network for our announcement of UNIQUES official first day open.

phk bicycles outdoor bmx and skate park - looking down bike path


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