Better Than Costner In Dyersville, This Friday Watch The World Series At Little Cubs Field

Freeport, Illinois – The Cubs are in it. Finally, after 71 years they are in the World Series.

Cubs fans are mad with excitement, Chicago is having the time of their lives and everyone’s hoping for a Cubs World Series victory.

Unless you’re rich though, your Lazy Boy and a boiling pot of water on the stove with some wieners in it is about as close as you’re getting to a game or a big league hot dog. Ticket prices are as much as a used car.

This Friday though, our own little Wrigley; our world famous Little Cubs Field is hosting Game Night and you’re invited to come watch the World Series amidst a real life back drop of Wrigley Field.

In 2006 actor Kevin Costner returned to Iowa’s ‘Field of Dreams’ for a special Netflix showing of the movie on the actual site it was filmed. Kevin performed earlier in the day with his band, pitched some baseballs to a few people, shook some hands and then around dusk Netflix began the movie that was filmed at their very location 18 years earlier. The event brought about 5,000 people to the rural cornfield that night.

I was there with my son that day and even though I met Kevin, even though he pitched some balls to my son and even though watching Field of Dreams on the Field of Dreams was a surreal moment indeed, watching the REAL Cubs play real baseball in the real World Series on a REAL Wrigley Field replica, I have to admit is just a priceless opportunity that I can’t wait to be part of.

This Friday, for FREE, come out to Little Cubs Field and watch your Cubs play in the World Series.


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  • October 27, 2016 at 8:36 am

    My friend Rick Kruse carved the Harry Caray statue with a chainsaw that sits on the “Little Cubs Field” site. If you have a chance to experience the event on Friday…I would suggest that you go.

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