Big Apple Has Been Secretly Helping The Freeport Police, And No One Even Knew It

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Here we are again with yet another reason to find thanks for our first responders and those who stand at the face of danger and say sure, I’ll go in there and try and save everyone.

As much thanks as first responders deserve, and they do deserve it, it seems as though since 2001 we have been thanking police, firefighters and healthcare workers from scare after scare.

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, you may have noticed a lot of people posting hearts on the windows of their homes and businesses.

Some have starting making hand sanitizer while others are making face masks.

A lot of restaurants have stepped up also to offer free meals to first responders. You may have seen them plastered all over the news here or there.

But one Freeport restaurant has been giving back to first responders for almost 20 years and you probably didn’t even know they were doing it. Specifically to the Freeport Police Department.

Big Apple, a small mom and pop family restaurant in Freeport, Illinois, has been giving the Freeport Police Department half price meals for the past 20 years. They said they just didn’t feel as though they needed a big thank you for it.

“For almost 20 years Big Apple has been giving our Freeport Police Department half price meals. We haven’t advertised it”, the restaurant said.

Big Apple in Freeport is the kind of family restaurant you pull into when you first arrive to a new town. It is the small town family cafe where you know you are always going to get a good meal. It is reliable, open early and open late, and always seems to have just the meal you were hungry for.

As restaurants and bars have closed across the state and country, the closings have drastically affected small restaurants just like Big Apple. The restaurant recently installed a drive-thru window in order to accommodate the new rules. Without it, they may not have been able to stay open and survive.

Big Apple said they are doing the best they can during this time.

“…we know others are giving out free meals to first responders and as much as we would like to do the same we are simply just a small restaurant that doesn’t have the funds to participate in this”, the restaurant said on their Facebook page. They said they will continue to do what they can for the community as much as they can.

And we appreciate that.

We have spent many a family morning, afternoon and evening with loved ones at Big Apple. As far as we’re concerned, we will continue to support them during this time as well, whether they make the news for paying it forward or not.

Big Apple is located at 1427 W Galena Ave. in Freeport, Illinois. They can be reached by telephone at 815-232- 2548

One thought on “Big Apple Has Been Secretly Helping The Freeport Police, And No One Even Knew It

  • April 17, 2020 at 6:22 pm

    My husband and I go to Big Apple whenever we are in Freeport. I has a great atmosphere and the best food. They have a wonderful and caring Staff. We, like I think most people, have a favorite Waitress. It is never a question of where we are going to have Saturday or Sunday breakfast or lunch. We just simply go there. I take all my family and friends there if we ae out shopping for the day. I cannot say enough about this restaurant. I am not at all surprised that they help out the community. It is run by the kind of people who would. If anyone hasn’t tried it, they should. They are cheating themselves out of some really great food.

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