Break In And Damage Reported At The All Volunteer Silver Creek Train Depot

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS —You have to pretty low to rob an all volunteer community organization that restores and preserves a piece of Freeport history but that is exactly what happened to the all volunteer Silver Creek Train Depot in Freeport recently.

Silver Creek officials tell us that some “less than stellar citizens” broke into their train depot and damaged other property while they were there.

“Some of our less than stellar citizens broke into our depot, at least one caboose, and a bunch of train of terror scene buildings, a bunch of stuff broken, things stolen – we’re not sure all what yet”, we were told Silver Creek officials.

The depot holds some of the most treasure memories of our time, and the volunteer staff who keep the place up would like to catch the vandals responsible.

If you have any information about this break in, call the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office at 815-235-8290.

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