Brown’s Shoe Fit In Freeport Gives Back With ‘Old Shoe’ Trade-In Days

Freeport – Well, you probably never thought there’d ever come a day where those old sneakers would be worth some cash, but until February 29 at Browns Shoe Fit company in Freeport not only are they worth $15 off any athletic shoe or $20 off any pair of work boot, those that are in wearable condition are going to be donated so others can benefit from them as well.

Brown’s is another little bit of unknown history in Freeport having provided the citizen’s of Freeport, Illinois a proper shoe fitting experience since 1979. Brown Shoe store is located next to Cub Foods. If you’ve been thinking new shoes or boots or other footwear, grab those old shoes and head into Brown’s.  Help yourself, help another. Tell em we sent you.

1528 S West Ave
Freeport, Illinois
(815) 232-7615

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